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About Ed


It is easy to make yourself look generous when you are spending someone else's money, and we unfortunately are living in an era of particularly generous politicians.



My name is Ed Rutledge, and I am the Libertarian candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Illinois. I was raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, and have deep family roots in central Illinois. After graduating from Wheaton Central High School, I attended and graduated from Miami University with a major in Finance and minors in German and International Business.


I have worked throughout the United States, and have spent several years working overseas. My career has led me into progressively more challenging and rewarding endeavors, including the coordination of global business development activities for a large investment company, the corporate reorganization of several prominent financial services companies, and the financing of real estate projects which support hundreds of permanent jobs in Illinois and which generate millions of dollars in tax revenue each year.


Given my respect for individual rights and personal responsibilities, it has always struck me as incredible that Americans, we lovers of Liberty, would ever allow our government to dominate our lives. Yet this is exactly what has been happening, as politicians have convinced us to abdicate our responsibilities and rights to government bureaucracies in exchange for supposed benefits and privileges. This has consistently been a poor exchange, as  our elected officials have consistently taken from us, you and me, and given our resources to their favored few.


Unlike our challengers in this race, my running mate, Lex Green, and I are not career politicians. We do not represent the status quo which promises the world but only delivers the bill. Instead, we promise to treat you as a capable adult rather than as a ward of the state, and we promise to get the weight of government off of your back so that you will be free to manage your own life. 


My wife, Casey, and I recently celebrated our tenth anniversary, and together we have two beautiful daughters and one utterly rambunctious dog. We live on Chicago’s north side, and are active in our daughters’ school, our church, and our local food pantry.


I am a member of the National Eagle Scout Association, the Sons of the American Revolution, and Mensa, and have served on or chaired several boards including that of the Libertarian Party of Chicago. I am a passionate hunter, an avid angler, and a consistently frustrated golfer.

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